Cardsaround – the platform that changes how people #connect each other

Realizing the true value of innovative and interesting projects here at Eleken we took part to design completely new experi-
ence of how people connect each other.
Our mission was to create a complete product from the rough idea and shape out the vision in the digital world.
This is about

The entire interface is based on cards of people with their names, cities, topics on what they want to be asked to just to talk about, and appropriate ways for them to be connected.

To be responsive is #awesome

We created elegant fully responsive landing pages that describe the project and it’s idea.

The final product

We also crafted an animation to show how the user interacts with entire system. The popover appears when hitting on ‘my groups’ tab where you can select the group and then categorize cards in it. Also by clicking on notifications icon the popover appears where you see your messages, notifications and requests.
#Card creation
To create a new card just click on the plus icon in the top right corner and walk through four simple steps.
Step 1

Fill in your location, full name and some words about you. The words you hashtagged in the bio will be the topics of future conversations.

Step 2
Ways of connection

Choose the way you want to be connected by adding link and headline for it. The list of connection is available from all cards you’ve created, just switch on and off the tumblers to activate it in particular cards.

Step 3
Finishing touches

Select the color, type and main two buttons of the card. You can also promote your card for it to appear on the top of the search.

Step 4
Preview & Share

Just check if everything is right and share the card with world through social networks.

#Grid view
You can also switch to grid view by tapping to the grid icon on the navigation bar. It allows you to look through and find a card very quickly.
Smaller cards for grid view
Animation & Interactions
We’ve also created unique animations for Cardsaround iPhone app too. Now you can see how it really works.