An innovative solution for
posting rentals.
the challenge
Here at Eleken we worked closely with Flatlas team to recreate the experience of how people are
landing and renting long term accomodation. It’s constucted so as to get maximum information and
understanding of rental you want along with minimum effort for landlord.
get use of every pixel
We created the web interface based on fully responsive and fluid grid. With the fixed right bar
the left part adapts and fills the rest of the screen. This layout allows us to make search
pleasant and powerful at the same time.
This means that there is a 4 room flat, that costs $2200 per month This means that there are 3 different apartments in one house It means this apartment was recently added It means there are 10 apartments in this area
Handy search
The studies have shown that people mostly perceive the information by focusing either only on text or only on image. So we designed two separate experiences of perception - list and grid view - depending on user goals at the definite moment.
Interactions & animations
Explore apartments like you are just there. Get the complete picture of accommodation looking
through the detailed and structured information and enjoying the big photos at the same time.
The animations enlarge the understading of how the interface interacts with a user.
tablet experience
As we already mentioned we took care of Flatlas user experience for it to look gorgeous on any device. We believe that people use definite devices in particular situations and the way they interact with interface varies enormously.
List view
Apartment info
Landlord feedback
mobile experience
Here at Eleken we completely recreated the flatlas interface for mobile browsers. Now looking for a newhome is awesome even on the go.
Searching made easy on mobile as well
To get quick access to all features and functions is just an absolute necessity for modern user. So we
also took care of mobile environment to be both informative and easy-to-use as a desktop experience.
Apartment info
Open filter

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