Meet a travel guide that inspires you for new adventures. Discover every
corner of the world in a cognitive, easy and interesting way.


Don’t read web page. Read magazine

Just try and feel the pleasure of reading an elegant magazine with articles about every city you want to discover for your trip.

all at your fingertips
Globetrotter is as easy to use as leafing through the pages of the book.
Navigate with simple gestures and couple of taps.
get Access to everything
you need very fast
You can easily get to every corner of Globetrotter just through this small but very
powerful menu. Search is one of the most important ways to get the info. No doubt,
it should be very comfortable here and it really is.
After pressing lined icon
you will find gorgeous menu
with a big search
You can easily sort your grid
the way you want to discover
Look through the grid of articles
to find something interesting
Explore new places
with globetrotter

Discover new places with an interactive map and dive in every article from country to city, from city to districts and unique places.

If the system doesn’t have the certain information that you’ve been looking for you can subscribe for this topic and get the information to your e-mail right after it is published.

Places in New York
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  • Search list
  • Subscription
Logo & app icon
The main idea was to make a very simple and clear sign that would express what
this product is about. It’s about explorations and discoveries.

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