The new experience of
coming together.
Event creation
This application is about making the process of coming together a bit easier. Qweeky allows you to create simple events to draw people together for any simple purposes that we all face day by day.

Just tap when approximately you want to meet, then tap on category and type. Next just add people from your contact book and that’s it!
Manage your events easily
You can also manage you events by swiping left and right to answer and decline the
invitations. Write a short message in built-in chat for clarifying details.
Swipe right to accept the invitation
Swipe left to decline the invitation
Or tap and ask for details
if needed
Here at Eleken we created the animation
to show how the user will interact with
the product.
More details
Make your events more detailed by adding location, time and date if it’s needed at the
beginning and the end of event creation.
UI elements & Interactions
We provided the full specs of states for each element, custom branded UI kit and the
map of interactions for each screen.

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