sound around

Have you ever faced the situation that you hear some cool tune from somebody’s earphones but hesitate to ask about the song? Now you can see what people around are listening to and also share your songs, playlists, opinions etc.


It’s also interesting to meet a person with similar tastes and maybe learn about him a bit more through social networks. So, user’s profile and playlists are like an organic whole where at first you see the profile data then just scroll down and see the list of songs shared by user or what he
is listening now.


Scan is one of the most important features here, so we tried to make it as easy to use as
possible. This is like a zoomable radar where you can find all people around you
who are listening something at the moment.
Scan 20m
Scan 1km

See it all

Every step that was taken by people around you considering you profile, songs or playlists is shown in activity feed.

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